Embracing the TYPE-C Era! OXOPO Advances Again at CES 2024

CES, Laying the Foundation for the Future

The grand event in the tech world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States, recently concluded, marking an exciting week that laid the foundation for the upcoming year's technology.

The CES 2024 exhibition area expanded by 15% compared to the previous year, covering a total of 25,000 square feet. With over 4,300 exhibitors and more than 135,000 attendees, this technological extravaganza showcased the latest advancements in various industries.

Often referred to as the "tech barometer," CES provided a fresh experience this year, offering insights into the future paths of industries such as lifestyle, home appliances, automotive, and smartphones.

 As CES celebrated its 57th year, the products displayed served as reminders of where we have been, how we reached this point, and most importantly – what the future holds! 

OXOPO, leading the future, close to life.

CES 2024 Highlights: AI Artificial Intelligence, Everyone's Safety, Keynote Speeches, Startups, Mobile Technology, Digital Health, Sustainable Development. We can see that regardless of how technology develops, the primary purpose of this technological extravaganza is to enable technology to coexist sustainably and peacefully with people and the Earth.

The XC series products, equipped with globally patented Type C charging technology, seamlessly integrate the future with daily life. We continuously expand our product line to meet people's demands for speed and stability with the fast-charging lithium battery series. The newly launched nickel-hydrogen battery XNNano series, featuring vibrant new colors and a sleek, lightweight, and fashionable design, has attracted significant attention. Incorporating the future into our daily lives, promoting product reuse, and reducing harm to the Earth are the most important goals in our product development.

With over 1 billion media exposures globally and a grand event crafted by 150 countries, OXOPO continues to engage in exchanges with partners worldwide. This has been an unforgettable journey, bringing a beautiful vision for the beginning of 2024.