COMPUTEX 2024 Concludes in Glory! OXOPO is moving forward into the future with you.

COMPUTEX 2024 successfully concluded on June 7th. Fueled by the AI trend and the presence of prominent figures in global technology, this year's exhibition saw exponential growth in scale. Over the four-day event, 85,179 ICT industry buyers and professionals from 160 countries attended. As a leading global exhibition for AIoT and emerging industries, COMPUTEX 2024 centered around the theme "Connecting AI." It successfully attracted world-class buyers to this annual tech industry event, placing Taiwan in the international spotlight.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivered an emotional statement at the end of his keynote speech on June 2nd, saying, "Taiwan is an unsung hero but a pillar of the world." This declaration propelled both Taiwan and COMPUTEX into the global spotlight, a recognition Taiwan truly deserves. With the rise of AI, the world will increasingly rely on AI technologies, and Taiwan plays a crucial role in the supply chain. From upstream IC design and semiconductor manufacturing to hardware-software integration, new business models are emerging. COMPUTEX serves as a comprehensive gathering of all the necessary knowledge and technologies for these developments.

OXOPO is thrilled to have participated in this prestigious event for the third time. From our first appearance in 2022, when everyone was fully prepared despite the pandemic, to 2023, when we saw a resurgence of exhibitors and visitors recovering from the pandemic, and now in 2024, with an overwhelming turnout of both exhibitors and attendees, the exhibition themes have continuously advanced. OXOPO has also consistently updated its product range and technologies. Just as AI provides people with more convenient lives, so does OXOPO!

The booth attracted visitors from all over the world, with the XC series continuing to be a standout product. The increasingly comprehensive product range makes technology an integral part of our lives. Another highlight was the AirLink Wireless Display Kit, offering the most straightforward image transmission method, enhancing our visual experience with no wiring, no internet, and no installation required. Just plug and play. Technology has truly broadened our horizons!

COMPUTEX places Taiwan at the center of the world stage, and OXOPO is delighted to join the world's leading companies in showcasing this spectacular event. OXOPO continues to refine its product offerings, moving forward into the future together with everyone!