How to choose a battery charger ?

As you choose your battery charger, you also need to think about:

  • How many batteries do you need to charge at once?
    Battery chargers can fit in between two to eight batteries to charge simultaneously. If you’re likely to want to charge a single battery, check the specifications of the battery charger to see whether it can.

  • What battery sizes do you want to charge?
    Most chargers are compatible with AA and AAA batteries. If you want to charge 9V, C or D-size batteries, check carefully for a model that can.

  • Charge indicator
    Some battery chargers have lights to indicate when batteries are charged. You can check the charging status in anytime in case the batteries overcharged.

    * If you think to choose a suitable battery charger is annoying, highly recommend you buy the same brand charger when you buy the rechargeable batteries!

Best battery chargers: