Guide to Rechargeable Batteries: How Does It Work and How to Choose Wisely?

How Rechargeable Batteries Work?

  A Ni-MH or Li-ion battery with a charger can reverse the electron flow and as such restore the initial excess of electrons in the anode - thus creating what we call a charged battery. And this reaction can be reversed on the chemicals used within the battery. But Alkaline batteries, or carbon-zinc batteries aren’t made to allow a reverse flow.

  Since this special feature, we can re-use batteries and reduce waste, isn’t it saving your money and eco-friendly?

Benefits of Using Rechargeable Batteries 
  Using rechargeable batteries can provide various benefits repeating usage on one rechargeable battery serves purposes of longevity, environmental-friendly, and money-saving.

Rechargeable Batteries: Learning to Buy and Use Them Wisely

The best performance comes when the device choose the right type of battery.
1. Low-power electronics:
  such as remote control and alarm clock. Those kinds of devices are low power consumption and infrequently used.  ( Recommend: OXOPO XN Series rechargeable Ni-MH batteries) The XN Series rechargeable batteries equip with low self-discharge rate feature and leak-proof design, which prevent alkaline batteries' common problems of over-discharging and leaking.
2. High drain devices: 
  Devices that use a lot of energy in short periods of time are called “high drain devices.” For example: game Joystick, Esports mouse, Esports keyboard and sphygmomanometer. Those kinds of devices need to remain constant high power output stability. ( Recommend: OXOPO XS Series rechargeable Li-ion batteries) The XS Series rechargeable batteries not only outputs constant 1.5V but also equip with fast charging→ 80% capacity charged within 30 minutes. 

  The OXOPO XC Series rechargeable batteries provide a high performance same as the XS Series. Furthermore, OXOPO XC Series also equip with the built-in USB Type-C charging port. You don't need to use the battery charger when recharg the XC Series.  ( Recommend: OXOPO XC Series USB Type-C rechargeable Li-ion batteries)