Why Batteries Leak?

Feb 17 2020


Why Batteries Leak?

If you owned an electronic door locks, flashlight, or a spare remote, you’ve certainly learned what will happens when alkaline batteries leave in devices for too long. Alkaline batteries leak. The leakage of alkaline batteries always caused equipment damage. It will corrodes valuable equipment such as electronic locks, cameras, medical equipment and costs huge damage and loss.


What causes batteries leaking?

When battery discharge, some hydrogen gas is generated by chemical reaction in internal electrolyte. This out-gassing increases pressure in the battery, and it will ruptures the insulating seals of battery or the outer metal canister, or both, and leaks happened.


How to prevent battery from leaking?

1.      Remove the battery from the device when it not be used.

2.      Using the same brand and same type of batteries in device and avoiding mixing the old and new batteries.

3.      Replace batteries with others anti-leak batteries such as, lithium batteries.